Disability Football

We are pleased to announce we are on the final stretch to completing our training and planning so we can offer disability football.

This is a massive asset to the One Touch Community and wider community offering opportunities for those who have a disability the chance to be included and part of a club, playing a game they love

We are pleased to announce we will be running weekly sessions delivered by a FA UEFA Coach who has vast experience in SEN and disability so has a thorough understanding of what’s entailed.

Our coaches have recently undergone further training and qualifications to ensure we offer the best possible experience for all.

To find out more please join our Facebook Group – One Touch Football Disability Group where updates and information can be found.

Equally we want to hear from YOU! We look to get FREE trial sessions up and running in the near future, a chance to come along, see where we train and play, meet the coaches and start your journey with One Touch Football.